We love our alma mater!

 Hi friends,

It's only Tuesday? We feel like it could be Thursday already, that's how jam packed this week is. Plus, the rain doesn't help. This is definitely an ash&dans-infinity-wrapped-as-a-hood kind of day. 

Ashley and I are both super obsessed with our alma mater, Washington University in St. Louis, a.k.a. WashU. So we couldn't be more thrilled when we found out WashU undergrads started an awesome fashion magazine, Armour.  After a recent WashU "Fashion Road Trip" to NYC, in which Ash and I spoke to motivated young fashion majors about the art of starting your own biz, we were approached by Brittany Katz and Chantal Strasburger who asked us if we would answer a few questions for them for an article in an upcoming issue. Well, the issue just came out and we couldn't be more thrilled to be featured in it and couldn't be more proud of fellow WashU students for creating such a professional and chic magazine. Bravo!

Check out the article HERE (flip to page 30 to read our article, or just flip though the whole e-mag and enjoy!)



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