It Ain't Easy Being (Stylishly) Green!

Hi everyone,

If you are in New York like we are, how happy are you right now? Seventy degrees in early March. Holy moly! We're in heaven! This is the perfect weather for a light jacket, and, duh, an ash&dans scarf. We kind of like wearing a chunky scarf with a lighter jacket in this type of weather, because a March 70 never feels like a true summer 70. 

In other news, St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner. This year it falls on Saturday, March 17th, 2012. We are always fans of the "Kiss Me I'm Irish" shirts and other standard St. Patty's Day gear. (Side note- my mom's name is Iris so every year she would buy one of these and cross out the "h" so it would read, "Kiss Me I'm Iris"). We're not Irish, but it's still a fun holiday to celebrate. 

But what if you want to celebrate with a little more class and style this year? Why not accessorize with green. did a fashion roundup for just this- accessorizing with green. The a la mode neons and elegant emeralds are colors you'll be able to wear all spring, not just on this one thematic day. 

Obviously we're into the ash&dans scarves they picked, but we are also loving the emerald-hued earrings, very Angelina Jolie. If we choose to celebrate St. Patrick's day this, it will definitely be in this style. 



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