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Happy leap year day! Are you doing something special or quirky on this extra day? 

We're definitely feeling the love on the blogs recently. Savvy style bloggers have been featuring ash&dans and we'd love to share their posts with you. wrote a great write-up titled, Scarves Galore. Here are some highlights of the piece, but you can see the complete post here

Scarves — the perfect accessory to any outfit and a lifesaver on a cold day.
Here at Getitwhit our necks would be naked without ash&dans. Trendy but classic, this line prides itself on being fashionable without the fuss. It all began with two young females: Ashley Cook, a color-loving Coloradan, and Danielle Dankner, the nothing-but-black-wearing New Yorker.
Whether it’s lace, tassels or a trim of bright color, these simple additions are what make us fall in love. And this season, ash&dans is all about neon!

InStyleWithStyleBabe wrote an awesome comprehensive post about our brand. Here are some highlights and collages from StyleBabe's write-up:

I can’t stress how important it is to wear scarves, their so easy to throw on and they’re fun to collect. I own a great amount of scarves, and would own more if I wasn’t living in FloridaWhich is why I’m introducing ash&dans and their collection of uber wearable accessories. They’re giving scarves a new lease on life with their sassy details. One thing I adore most about scarves is the way you look and feel once your wearing one. Since it’s practicallycold everywhere any scarf can come in handy. So why not throw in something cute into your wardrobe, and splurge a little. Meaning create a little fashion frenzy and become the realattention grabber you was meant to be.
Their choice of mixing lightweight jersey blends was their starting point into the fashion world.Ash & dans accessories can become prominent fashion staples to any outfit. Since creating thesavvy brand their concept for keeping scarves tasteful, steams from adding intricate details. In their latest collection of scarves it’s all about popping colors, dancing chains/trim and a dash of prints.

Check out the rest of the post for more words of wisdom and cool collages. 



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