Pop of Neon!

 Happy Monday everyone! 

Did everyone watch the Oscars last night? Who did you think was the best dressed celeb of the evening? We can't wait to see what Joan Rivers thinks tonight on the Fashion Police! She's our favorite part of awards season.

Who doesn't love a pop of color? Especially in February when we're sick of winter and spring is almost in our grasp, but not quite yet. Well if you love a pop of color, you'll definitely love a pop of neon- it takes the wow factor to another level! Check out Sydney on. She rocks the MARGO neon ombre mesh infinity scarf with all black. Pairing a bold color with all black is a totally chic way to pull of the bright trend.

If you're more of a risk-taker and like the all-out bright look, check out the models in LATINA Magazine rocking our neons with other bold colors. It's pattern blocking, the redux. The model below is wearing the ROSE cutout infinity scarf in neon pink.

How do you take your brights- all out or just a pop of color? Tweet us pics of yourself in your brightest ash&dans scarf, we love to see how you rock it. 



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