ash&dans loves Dana Rebecca Designs

Happy Monday,
Hope everyone had a great weekend! It's really cold out there- time to put all of the summer clothes again and commit to an ash&dans everyday- score!

So ash&dans has a new obsession: Dana Rebecca Designs. DRD features exquisitely, hand-crafted, luxurious diamond and gemstone jewelry. We're not the only ones that love DRD- every fashionable celebrity under the sun rocks Dana Rebecca Designs. Check out their celeb following on their website. If only we could own one of everything! Maybe one day...

We well absolutely die for the Jessica Leigh diamond drop earrings in rose gold and Carly Michelle earrings.  We would also give up chocolate for life to have the Karly Beth, Emily Meredith and Lauren Joy bracelets stacked for an Arm Party (shout out to Leandra at Manrepeller). And the Carly Michelle ring, unreal. Ok, we have to stop ourselves now.

It's clear that you have to check out the website so you can see all of the beautiful DRD designs and purchase one of your own, but here are a few of our favorites. Enjoy this sweet treat- eye candy for all!

The good news is that DRD likes us back- check out their post about us and read the rest of their awesome blog here.

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