Good morning friends of a&d!

Hope you all had a great week. The past few days have been great- busy, but great- and we are loving life for the last few days of summer.

Yesterday ash&dans was featured on, a fashion & beauty tell-all featuring the best products, the latest industry news, how-to’s, & exclusives from the industry’s top experts. KissAndWear is starting to gear up for Fall, and they've chosen ash&dans as their must-have fall accessory- specifically the ELLIE scarf, a black lace overlay infinity.

On another, totally unrelated note- we were just outside, getting our daily morning iced coffee, when we felt it start to mist. Not rain rain, but a light spritz that feels like you're walking through an oversized Evian mister. For days like this, we forgo the umbrella and opt for a fashionable infinity hood wrap. What is that, you might ask? It is when you take an infinity scarf (preferably double sided), wrap it once, and instead of laying the second loop around your neck, drape it over your head. Here's a visual for those who need one. We only wish we looked this good rocking this style: 

We think Jaclyn takes Little Red Riding Hood to a whole new level. She is wearing the LIZ double sided jersey infinity in red/camel. However, if brights aren't for you, try the LIZ double sided infinity in ivory/black. 

Stay dry and stay fashionable!


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