We'd like to take a minute to honor the amazing Oscar de la Renta. Your creativity and craftsmanship were unmatched. You are truly a legend.

In other news, one of our favorite yogis with a truly inspiring Instagram account boasting over one million followers has schooled us in the art of wearing ash&dans. @Laurasykora shows us that she can hold any inversion in jeans and an ash&dans. Check her out in our Denver cutout infinity scarf and Liz double-sided striped jersey infinity. Namaste! If you've never seen her photos, please check out her Instagram account for inspiration and motivation. You can also check out her blog, Two Fit Moms, for some great tips and pictures. 

Question- how many of our a&d friends are into yoga? These days, we are really loving yoga and feeling all of its benefits. From flexibility to stress relief to feeling grounded, yoga makes us feel good inside and out. 

For all you hard core NYC-based yogis and even you cynical New Yorkers who have never tried yoga (but really should to relieve stress and connect with your inner self, seriously), we highly suggest you check out the yoga classes at Exhale Spa. For amazing instruction and a transformative experience, take class with Stephanie Eris. For an insanely tough workout and strength&flexibility training, try Isaac Pena's class. For fun times and help going upside down (!!!), check out Lauren Harris. For the dancer in you who loves a challenging flow and good music, try Goldie Oren. For some serious ab work and an awesome playlist, meet Olga Palladino. Seriously, Exhale has some of the best yoga teachers in NYC. On our list to try, of course, is Laura's class. We'll make it out to NJ one day soon. 


With love and gratitude, namaste. Happy Tuesday!




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