An Important Lesson on Scarves from the Manrepeller.

It's a scarf. It's a wrap. It's a SARONG! 

Today, our very favorite blogger Leandra Medine - The Manrepeller - schools us in how to wear our sheer ivory STEPH wrap. We love her creativity- she's just so friggin' adorable and fashionable! In her latest blog post, The Multifarious Ways to Wear a Sarong, Leandra wears our scarf as a shirt, a belt, a skirt, etc. and shows us that we peons have all been way too narrow-minded when it comes to how to wear a scarf. 

At the beach, Leandra wore her ivory dotted sheer scarf as a sarong à la plage last week in the South of France. That Manrepeller is doing anything but repelling in her ultra chic beach getup. Looking wonderfully tan, Leandra accessorized her ash&dans with layered jewelry, reflective lenses, and, most importantly, a genuine smile that could only be the product of a perfect beach day. 

When you're heading to the beach, don't forget to bring your a&d scarf to wear as a bathing suit coverup. Bonus- when the temperature drops in the evening, repurpose your daytime sarong as a nighttime scarf- wrap it just like our model Marina did for our landing page. Remember- versatility is key when packing for weekend getaways.

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